Smart Class Rooms

Today’s teaching learning process adopts the advanced technological developments to induce a new dimension in students.Smart Class Rooms are introduced to make the process more effective by “INTERACTIVE LEARNING” and make the class more dynamic by demonstrating study related video clips, animations, pictures etc. It provides a practical learning which makes the concepts crystal clear to the students. We have maintained hundreds of books like fictions, legends, fables, poems, comics, great personalities, dictionaries and reference books.


IT Laboratory

In the world of modern technology, I.T. Lab. plays a vital role to make the students practical to know the various applications of computers. Keeping in mind, we have a well furnished and well equipped upgraded I.T. Lab. We have 40 computers with broad band facilities which help our students to prepare their project work and to update themselves with the rapidly changing world.



Library is the store house of knowledge. It boosts and enriches the intellect to attain a height. Books are the real food which sustains the intellectual body. We have maintained thousands of books with varieties like fictions, legends, fables, periodicals, case studies, research, references, dictionaries, educational CDs, DVDs etc.


Science Laboratory

Science relies on practical experiment for which we need a science laboratory.Without demonstrating the happenings practically it is difficult to imbibe the theory of science in student’s mind. To learn the various laws of physics, working in chemistry and functions in biology, students need to have an experiment. Hence we have beautiful well organized Science Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


A.C. Class Rooms

A healthy and hygienic class room keeps the receptive mind fresh and vigorous. We have well ventilated & naturally lighted modern class rooms having A.C. and other facilities to keep the young mind in a soothing environment.


Swimming Pool

Swimming is a good exercise. It keeps us fit and active. Our one swimming pool is 25 x 18 metres and the other one 10 x 8 metres. The pools are always maintained neat and clean to keep the child healthy. We teach the students the art of swimming from UKG to all higher classes in activity periods.